Crikvenica Riviera

You love the sea. Nature. You love the Sun, beautiful and limpid beaches, you like history and tradition. We certainly have it all. And much more… Because Crikvenica Riviera is one of the most picturesque areas of the Adriatic coastline. It connects coastal landscape, the green Vinodol hinterland and the continental forest with the perfect refreshing climate during summers.

The town of Crikvenica is, in fact, a seaboard riviera. Four small towns in one!

The town comprises Selce, Crikvenica, Dramalj and Jadranovo, almost connected into a single string of tourist towns.

They are located along the Adriatic coast, within the Kvarner Bay, administratively belonging to the Primorsko-goranska County, the centre of which is the city of Rijeka, standing some 30 km away.

The town of Crikvenica is not only inland. Its sea surface of 60 square kilometres extends into the Vinodol channel water area.

We are accessible by road, sea, and air!

The century-long tourism tradition in Crikvenica Riviera is owed to the excellent geographical position and favourable road infrastructure. It is in such a close proximity to visitors from Central Europe that they can reach it in one day by road travel.

Apart from road connections, we are also accessible by sea and air. Boaters can use berths at the town port. The Riviera also features plenty of small ports for your boats. Furthermore, the nearby marinas of Novi Vinodolski („Marina Novi“ and „Mitan Marina“), and in Punat on the island of Krk, provide the services of winter berths. Air travel access is the simplest through Rijeka Airport, also located on the island of Krk, merely some twenty kilometres away from Crikvenica.


Crikvenica Riviera features a mild and stable Mediterranean climate that truly leaves little to be desired!

Pleasant and benevolent climate

The geographically favourable position enables good and benevolent exchange of seafront and continental climate characteristics, such as:

  • plentiful hours of sunny weather
  • simultaneous littoral and alpine air currents
  • dry, clear, and pleasantly warm summers
  • overcast, rainy and relatively mild winters with a healthy, locally conditioned wind system.

The average air temperature in winter months is about 9 °C, and in summer about 23 °C. Snow, fog, and temperatures lower than 5 °C are very rare.

Average sea temperatures during summer are 23 °C in June and up to 27 °C in July and August.

Healing powers of Crikvenica air

The sea air is renowned for featuring purity and dispersed healthy oligoelements. On Crikvenica Riviera there is a negligible presence of pollen allergens and waste gases.

The health benefits of air enhance the high percentage of ozone, chlorine, natrium and iodine. The sea salinity of 4 % and incessant southeast to northeast air currents make the sea pure and limpid.

And the cherry on top: owing to favourable weather conditions, this area affords enjoyment in a diverse range of outdoor activities during almost an entire year, from sailing to walking, running, cycling and many others.